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Home Facility

StarCenter Valley Ranch - Irving, Texas

211 Cowboys Parkway

Irving, TX  75063


Home Rink of the Dallas Stars Elite Hockey Club.  The customized workout and training facility contains state of the art equipment for optimal dryland sessions for all Stars Elite players.

Air Quality

The health and safety of our customers is paramount in the operation of our facilities and we are confident that the Dr Pepper StarCenters are safe. Our professionally maintained Zambonis are propane powered, which emit far less CO than gas powered models. It should be noted that the resurfacer in use during the recent NBC story was a gas powered unit. In addition to the Zambonis, our gas-powered edgers are professionally maintained and seldom used when customers are in the rinks. All Dr Pepper StarCenter locations have carbon monoxide monitors that continually monitor the air quality as well as hand held monitors which are used to test air quality on a regular basis. 

Keith Andresen
Senior Director, Hockey Programs
Dr Pepper StarCenters
Dallas Stars Hockey Club